16 Sep 2020


Every dark cloud has a silver line. This is what happened when all countries are under the great lockdown world-wide. It results in a significant decline in the level of pollution and improvements in the quality of air, water, land all aspects of the environment. Now the whole world became so clean and beautiful in just 21 days of lockdown, the earth healed a lot.

A month into lockdown, the Earth is closed for repairing and domestic animals are roaming on streets. The Ozone layer is healing and the quantity of Nitrogen Oxide is decreased in air. Following are the major important observations from India,

  • River Ganga is cleaner.
  •  Animals return to their habitat.
  • Water clears with dolphins coming back to Mumbai.
  • Air becomes cleaner.
  • Noise pollution vanishes.
  • Sounds of birds can now be distinctly heard.
  • Peaks of Himalayas can be seen from Punjab.

Globally there has to be a resolution passed to impose lockdown for a day at least every year, like how Sunday is considered a holiday in major part of the globe. Not only will it give the health of the planet a respite, but also help human societies in a major way. This is also a chance to systematically change our transport system by introducing electric vehicles and discouraging vehicles causing pollution which could also automatically reduce noise pollution.

Mankind is the biggest threat to mother Earth, by making a decision based on greed and not on sustaining oneself. It is high time to ask yourself are we really a good human being or not? Sadly, we belong to a human race which forgets everything within a couple of days. As the time would pass and COVID would subside, most probably humans might again start exploiting everything again.

Since we are misusing the nature and resources very badly, days like these lockdown are really necessary. It would be great if one day in a year could be kept as lockdown all over the world even after the outbreak is completely over. This helps the environment to a great extent to repair the damage caused by humans.

Some suggest that we should celebrate a lockdown day once a month worldwide. It will go a long way in improving and restoring environmental quality. At least this little could be done for mother nature, if not for any other reason, but just for us to breathe fresh air.

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