09 Jun 2020


Young kids learn by watching and absorbing things around them and noticing how people are interacting with each other, how they talk, what they are doing, why they are doing what they do etc… But with their head down on a screen, they are missing out on thousands of little signals and learning experiences every day, and the questions that come with them.

Technology today is fantastic, but it has caused a breakdown in family communications. Everyone has their eyes glued to iPads, desktops, and smartphones. It has become addictive to the point that when it breaks down, the cut off from the technological input really causes a backlash.

There is lots of potentials for education to be more intuitive with technology, and can greatly improve one's learning abilities. Each unfolding level of technology affected them in good ways but in many bad ways, too. Youngsters today lose sight and are becoming out of touch with reality. Technology is turning young minds into zombies and robbing them of some of the best memories of their lives like playing outside trampoline, parkour, airsoft, paintball, ding dong ditch, skateboarding, etc.

Since life is so fast for the majority of parents, obviously there will be limited time for family movies and tv shows, but that cannot be a convincing reason to give children devices at such young ages. It turns them into slaves to technology and brings them further away from humanity. If you can't engage or communicate with your child in any situation or selfishly have them stare at a device to keep them "busy" and not bother you, it points out bad parenting very clearly. It’s so sad and frustrating that the kids whose parents allow free access to the iPad are less interested in learning how to read, they’re less interested in playing games or interacting with their siblings. Parents should say no to their kids if they are begging for smartphones or iPads. Doing so can create sweeter, happier kids who know how to be creative when they are bored and how to deal with not getting what they want instantly in every circumstance.

A large number of parents wish for their kids to be social and active and have a happy childhood that they had in olden days without any technology. Many advise each other not to give children a screen to stare at in restaurants, in the car, etc. But at the same time completely keeping kids away from technology could be dangerous since technology runs our world. Banning technology completely is setting your child up to be unprepared in a digital age.

As a solution to this alarming problem, teenagers should have very limited time on smartphones and tablets. As a part of responsible parenting, we should create awareness to our youngsters about the demerits of too much usage of the latest technologies like iPads. Kids’ eyesight could become affected by staring at a fixed point in space for extended periods of time. Also, the radiation of these smartphones, iPads, produce is unbelievable.

TV was not a good baby sitter and nor is the iPad. There is no love either. The screens will only destroy their eyes, transmit horrible vibrations into their nerve cells, change the perspective of human response, and dehumanize. The constant growth of technology can be helpful to young children if applied correctly.

Parents need to assume the responsibility of communication and love. Don’t destroy your children just because you are tired or lazy. We wonder why so many kids have feelings of anxiety and depression these days. They do not know what it is like to feel failure or rejection even though it is a normal part of life. Let your kids run free and be creative and please do not hold them down with phones and iPads.

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