09 Jun 2020


To address the questions about an illness like COVID-19, it can be tough for parents to have the right answers for their kids. Here are the common questions children keep enquiring during these lockdown days. Have a look at how you could give them a precise answer.

What is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type of germ, a virus that can cause people to have a cold, runny nose, cough and in some people, it can cause more severe symptoms like trouble in breathing. Coronavirus is just a name for a family of viruses, so there are a bunch of different Coronaviruses and some we see every year that can cause respiratory infections during the winter months. What you are hearing right now in the news is a new type for coronavirus which is detected around late last year that is causing some mild and serious infections to many people in the world.

Is there a cure for the coronavirus?

Right now we really don’t have a cure for the coronavirus, that is circulating and everybody is talking about. It is really hard to have treatments for viruses because they can hide from the body so well. There is a bunch of scientists right now who are actively trying to look into ways to be able to treat the virus.

Is it necessary to wear a mask at home?

It is absolutely safe to wear a mask but it is not necessary to wear a mask right now being locked down inside the house. You may be seeing a lot of people who are wearing masks at the moment. But it is not necessary to wear one inside house if there is nobody in the family who is infected with the virus.

Masks are important for people in a hospital or clinic setting and the reason why people do that is because if anyone turns up sick, wearing a mask is the best way to stop somebody else from catching the sickness. It is also a good way that doctors and nurses and people who are working at hospitals can prevent spreading an infection from one person to another. If everyone start buying masks unnecessarily there is a chance of shortage of them for doctors and nurses who badly need the masks right now.

Is it safe to go outside and play with other kids?

We want to make sure that you are not getting in close contact with other kids right now and that includes your friends since the virus can rapidly spread from one person to another even with a handshake. It is really important to keep a fare distance from your friends. So, it is advised not to go outside until the locked down period is over. Rather it is best if you could engage in indoor games with your family members.

Will grandma and grandpa be okay?

It is observed that the virus can impact more on older people so it is important that you are staying most healthy as possible you could and if you do get sick or feeling ill in any way or if any of the family members feel ill, it is not good to be around grandpa and grandma for a while.

The most important thing that is really important that you should do to make sure you are washing your hands with soap for 30 seconds before visiting them even if you are not sick. Good hand hygiene is compulsory before you go near older members of the family.

What about my siblings?

It is good if you could work with your siblings and engage them in some hand hygiene games and together make sure things are clean inside the house.

What happens if I get sick?

When you do get sick, you might be coughing and sneezing continuously a lot and will be feeling high temperature. One important thing to remember during this time is, immediately self-isolate yourself from other family members to stop spreading the virus to anyone else.  Inform dad and mom about your illness and reach a doctor. Follow the doctor’s advice, take enough rest, eat healthy and try to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. These are really good ways for a speedy recovery.

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