Online Classes During Quarantine
21 Apr 2021

Online Classes During Quarantine

The Coronavirus lockdown has given many people extra time in their hands, while some are working from home but the daily commute time and time spent in leisure activities outside the home is now reduced. Some might engage in habits that already existed and many are finding it difficult to have one, instead, they find themselves scrolling mindlessly through apps or watching series and movies online. To kill the boredom and encourage people to stay home, many companies are now providing online courses. Here are some online courses that you may find interesting.

Photography : Always wanted to learn the art of photography? Or just want to brush up your skills? Nikon is giving away it’s photography course free of cost the entire month of April, to encourage people to stay home. Nikon has made its entire curriculum of online photography classes free to the public so that people don’t get bored and get to learn something interesting.

Nike Training Club : The athletic giant Nike has put up the app Nike Training Club for free. The app allows it’s users to choose its users different kinds of workouts based on whether or not they have any equipment. New users and people who never worked out in their life can too find a plan base on their goal.

Unity Learn Premium : This great animation and game development platform is giving 3 months of complimentary subscription, the online courses include 2D, 3D, AR, & VR development with Unity Learn Premium. So, while you’re stuck at home, you can learn how to animate and develop a game.

Skill Share : Skill Share took the internet by storm with its detailed online courses in a wide range of subjects like Business to Art. The courses are taught by experts in the fields and give in-depth knowledge, unlike most online courses that just scratches the field. Skill Share used to give away free online subscriptions for a month but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown going inside worldwide, they have increased the free subscription to two months.

Yale : Not only are companies offering online courses, but higher education institute Yale has also joined in to teach people about the science of happiness. It is one of the most popular classes which they are now offering for free. The thought behind the class being for free is because many people are facing mental health issues and are falling depressed because of the pandemic and being in lockdown.

Apart from these, there are wonderful online courses related to art, yoga, martial arts, music and dance, especially for kids. Online courses are in the limelight at the moment, as people all around the world have been ushered indoors to help prevent further spread o

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