Top 10 School Bus Tracking Software In Qatar
10 Jan 2023

Top 10 School Bus Tracking Software In Qatar

In today's fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and efficiency of school bus transportation is a top priority for educational institutions and parents alike. Qatar, with its growing population and diverse communities, presents unique challenges for school transportation. To address these challenges, school bus tracking software has emerged as a vital tool to enhance safety, communication, and overall effectiveness. 

Need for School Bus Tracking in Qatar

Qatar's educational landscape is dynamic, with a significant expatriate population and diverse curricula. School bus tracking software is instrumental in addressing several key requirements:

  • Student Safety: Ensuring the safety of students during their commute is of utmost importance. Real-time tracking and communication tools are essential for emergencies and daily supervision.
  • Efficient Routes: Qatar's urban areas can be challenging to navigate. School bus tracking software helps optimize routes to minimize travel time and fuel costs.
  • Parental Peace of Mind: Parents need to be informed about the whereabouts of their children. School bus tracking software offers transparency and peace of mind.
  • Fleet Management: Educational institutions need tools to manage their bus fleets effectively, ensuring that vehicles are well-maintained and routes are optimized.

School bus tracking software is an essential tool for school administrators and parents alike. It allows you to track the location of your school buses in real time, so you can always know where your children are. Here are some top 5 school bus tracking software in Qatar.

  1. Loqqat

Loqqat is one of the leading school bus tracking software in Qatar. Loqqat is a cloud-based transport management system that helps educational institutions manage fleets and track buses during commute via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to automatically generate trips and assign them to buses using predefined timeslots.

Loqqat includes real-time tracking functionality, which enables schools to view buses' location, progress, and estimated time of arrival and monitor boarding and deboarding of students. It offers various features such as ad-hoc trip management, message broadcasting, multiple locations management, automated route suggestions, scheduling, and more. Additionally, bus attendants/drivers can notify school authorities about breakdowns or other emergencies using the built-in notification system.

Key Features:-

  • Route Management
  • Auto-trip Generation
  • Smart Vehicle Tracking
  • Parent Notifications
  • Student Attendance Tracking
  • Parent Communication Feature
  • AI-based Route Optimization
  1. MobiTrack

Mobitrack offers a wide range of features, such as real-time tracking, geofencing, and route optimization. Mobitrack is a School Bus Tracking mobile software in Qatar that connects parents with their child's school transport system, enabling them to locate their child and school bus at any given moment during their school bus route.

The Mobitrack GPS School Bus Tracking system in Qatar incorporates a slew of features to provide the best experience to its users. We take a two-fold approach to ensuring student safety while helping schools run their fleet in the most efficient manner possible.

Key Features:-

  • Show the real-time location of your child’s bus on a map
  • Give scheduled and actual arrival times at home and school for AM, Mid-day, and PM routes
  • Provide push and email alerts when the bus is near or when the bus has been substituted
  • Available in English and Arabic

Vehicle Tracking Qatar assist schools and School Transport Providers in Qatar with state-of-the-art GPS tracking solution to optimize, track, and monitor their fleets in real time via our web application and mobile application.

Vehicle Tracking software serves as a premium high-end tracking system for school fleets which aids in their transportation needs.

Key Features:-

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Easy Trip Management Card
  • Driver Console
  • Easy Parking Management
  • Unique ID Cards
  • On the bus Wi-Fi Management

4. Wireless Links

Wireless links provide a  complete solution for schools to streamline student and school bus tracking, and prioritize student safety, accountability, and communication by combining real-time GPS tracking, RFID Tags to identify and account for student ridership, and the ParentLink App to share live ETA and alerts with parents. Wireless links school bus GPS tracking system allows the school and parents to gain visibility, safety, and control into the GPS location of the school buses along with arrival and departure times at every stop along the route, including how long the bus spent at any stop, pick up and drop off of students and alerting if buses are running late. 

Key Features:-

  • School Bus Routing
  • Real-Time School Bus Tracking
  • RFID School ID Student Ridership

5. Baloora

Baloora is a vehicle tracking system for school buses. This school bus GPS app makes it easy for the parents to track their kid’s school bus in real time using the GPS. If there is rerouting or emergencies, parents are alerted via notifications. This app to track school buses also helps school administrators to keep track of student safety.

Key Features:

  • Parent App
  • Driver App
  • Route Management
  • Analytics & Reports


When selecting a school bus tracking software, it's essential to consider factors such as the specific needs of the educational institution, budget constraints, and the ease of use for both school staff and parents. Each of the solutions mentioned above offers unique features and advantages.

School bus tracking software plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety, efficiency, and communication of school transportation services in Qatar. By choosing the right solution and leveraging its features effectively, educational institutions can ensure a secure and reliable transportation system for their students, fostering trust among parents and contributing to a successful learning environment.

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