An Optimum Solution to Monitor Your School Fleet!
20 Jun 2023

An Optimum Solution to Monitor Your School Fleet!

Schools that embrace the latest technology are parents’ first choice, especially when it contributes to student safety. Loqqat is a smart solution that is well equipped to deal with and solve the problems plaguing the administration of a school’s transport fleet.

GoScool, Delhi Implements Loqqat for Its Multi-School Bus Management

GoScool is a transport provider and is India’s first online platform for private school cabs. From its inception, they have been providing quality school bus services to multiple schools across India. Over the years, they have created a niche for themselves as a leader in school transport services. GoScool constantly strives for excellence by making school buses safer and more secure in order to fulfill its mission of delivering a safe, reliable, and effective school commute.

It was all sailing smoothly, up until their operations went huge and they had to manage their entire fleet of school buses and routes daily. The pile of data of schools, students, drivers, routes, etc. kept on burgeoning and came to a point wherein keeping an accurate record and managing it became a tedious task. Everything regarding the planning and scheduling of the trips was done manually. Due to the load on the existing system, the management of daily trip activities was becoming an exceedingly challenging task for them. Added to this, there was no means to get real-time information on trips, due to which the monitoring of their transport operations was proving to be highly ineffective. All these issues meant that the transport admins had very little to no visibility of the entire transport service. This called for a powerful school bus application that could store massive amounts of data and streamline the process of operating a school transport service.

Moreover, their fleet of school buses was also underutilised as most of them were not running in an optimum manner. Not to mention, there was no provision to record and store the accurate data of student ridership numbers on a route-by-route basis, which led to a situation wherein large buses were allocated for a route with a lower number of students and vice-versa. The result was that some buses operated in a jammed manner while others were hardly occupied. So, broadly speaking, the school bus service was in a dilapidated condition and demanded urgent intervention to make its operations viable and efficient.


We had a perfect solution to transform their school transport services in the form of Loqqat. It is an advanced school transportation app with an array of features developed by keeping in mind the daily challenges faced by transport providers. Our platform addresses the issues of real-time trip details and security by offering a live tracking feature. With this feature, transport providers would be able to track their school buses across multiple schools. Each student would be provided with a smart card, which they would tap on an NFC reader when entering the bus to register their attendance. Thus, it ensures the precise recording of attendance and daily student ridership data. This set of data can in turn be used to attain an optimised utilisation of school buses.

In addition to that, through our school bus application, transport admins can create and automatically generate trips for a predefined time frame. This will save them valuable time and will ease the process of generating a large number of trips on a daily basis. Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that Loqqat is a feature-rich school transportation app that brings increased performance and efficiency to the table. 


Deploying our application was a huge success for our client. Once they started using Loqqat, they reported a significant increase in the overall efficiency of their operations. With a cloud-based solution, it became much easier for them to have an accurate database of all the schools, vehicles, drivers, and students registered with them. It was found that the live tracking feature was a huge upgrade to the existing functioning of the school buses in providing increased security for the students.

The transport admins were now able to supervise and manage their trips effectively with the help of real-time trip details. Further, with reliable information on the ridership figures, it became very easy to optimize the whole fleet and designate only the necessary vehicles for daily trips. Hence, Loqqat was a game changer for our client that revamped and elevated their school transport management system.

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