26 March 2020 – by Eileen

The question in the minds of each and every kid during this locked down period is, what would happen to all their holiday plans if the locked down period keeps extending more and more due to the widespread of COVID-19. Their entire vacation is getting spoiled and they are shut down at home.

Meanwhile, parents are helpless that they are neither able to take kids outside for the routine fun and recreational activities nor fulfill the kids’ holiday expectations.  They are searching for various ways to entertain and engage kids who are getting bored and frustrated day by day being locked inside each house. The situation is sad but the entire population around the globe is left with no choice.

In this circumstance, when kids are confined to the walls of our homes, the internet and latest technologies come as a great help for parents who are looking for interesting resources to save their children from boredom. Let’s have a deeper look into various online resources we must resort to, for more creative ways of expanding our kids’ boundaries. These innovative ways at least give their minds and eyes something new and stimulating to feast on.

Virtual Field Trip Websites

The VR field trips get children out into the world of excitement exploring museums, parks, historical sites, and more other sites in the world through great games, apps, and websites that can bring places and experiences fostered by field trips to the comfort of your home. Through this, kids are given opportunities to discover new things and enhance their knowledge in authentic environments, that offer inspiring and intriguing experiences as their cursors escort them through museum halls and fields and canyons and rivers.

These types of websites offering VR trips allow children to explore, create, problem-solve and assess the outside world, which ultimately gives them a more well-rounded understanding of content, rather than simply watching something over a screen.

Listed below are some incredible links your children can virtually tour from the comfort of a couch during the coronavirus outbreak.


Google Arts & Culture is a great resource for any art fan, with access to art with over 2,500 museums.



These virtual walking tours are perfect for those who love to see street art everywhere from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Malmo, Sweden.



Allow your kids’ eyes to feast on clear blue skies, red clay formations, and fields of wildflowers. Follow a handful of park rangers through some of America’s most stunning and challenging terrains, from the Alaskan Glaciers to Utah’s Bryce Canyon.



Get ready to explore the blue depths of the American Samoas, the Florida Keys, Monterey Bay, and many others.





Let your kids visit some of the iconic rides in the Disney World virtually through the thrilling lenses of a maverick visitor who broke the rules and recorded their whole ride.





Since our kids are with a lot of free time and nowhere to go, as responsible parents let’s use these wonderful ways to easily put an end to the boredom of your kids during this locked down period.