28 September 2020, By Amrutha

School transport management systems have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe and parents updated about delays that keep their children from getting home on time. GPS tracking locator devices can assist with both of these. Here are some reasons why the student bus tracking system is a necessity for today’s school transport management.

  • Increased student safety

GPS vehicle tracker for the school bus ensures the parents as well as school authorities, with the up to date information of the whereabouts of their wards at all times. To a greater extent, it’s a relief for the parents to know that their ward is safe and secure, at all times, during the picking and dropping off of the child to school.

  • Get updates through notifications

School bus management system passes notifications to both the parties about any divergence from the route or any unusual behavior (example: no movement due to breakdown). Such real-time updation allows schools to take relevant actions at their end.

  • Ensure better scheduling

Through this feature, you can plan your schedules, according to the expected time of the school bus to reach your destination.

  • Better driver safety

It provides information about route deviations, unacceptable stops, and driver behavior. The right GPS vehicle tracking system will help you monitor these types of behaviors.

  • Ensure real-time tracking

A school bus with a GPS tracking system allows for real-time location tracking. With this, both the school transport team, as well as parents, can track the school bus in real-time.