15 October 2020, By Amrutha

Push notifications enable every school transport management system an edge to communicate with the school authorities, parents as well as students about the whereabouts and information regarding their commute to school. A notification system enabled through a single click is comprehensive and effective in school fleet management. Your parents receive instant notification, when the bus is nearing to pick your child, or when the bus runs late, even in an unforeseen situation, when minor route deviations have occurred, informs about the student’s absence to school authorities, and much more.

Now let’s get into the exceptional benefits of push notifications:

  • Easy-peasy communication

Push notifications help in communicating with school officials and parents without any delay. The transport team can effectively notify the parents about the current location of the bus via push notifications which makes it easier for parents to schedule their daily activities. Parents will be receiving instant notifications whenever the student is dropped off from the school bus.

  • Stay connected

Through push notifications, the parents and school authorities can easily maintain a connection for sharing information and even reminders can also be shared through the application. Regular updates of the student’s commute is availed and stored for future purposes.

  • Easy access

Push notifications provide an easy way of access to parents. These notifications are user friendly and effortless to use. Direct access to parents as well as teachers are provided.

Currently, available push notifications of Loqqat school transport management solution are:

  • Instant announcements
  • Automated notifications
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the bus delays
  • Boarding confirmation of students
  • De boarding confirmation of students
  • Route deviations