09 th April 2020 , by Eileen

We are coming to an age where technology is used with everything. The world of education has also taken technology as a reliable way of delivering instruction, assessing student progress and more. It is recommended that every classroom should have a few technologies depending on the learning capacity of students since incorporating technology into the class can improve their learning.

Students can learn better with technology so that any other additional support is not required like home tuitions. The technologies need to be taught correctly in the classroom and the teachers need to use it appropriately when teaching students. Using the iPads, VR devices and laptops in the classroom will help them learn how to use our latest technologies that everyone uses now. But the students are still getting face to face teaching, and the teachers are incorporating these devices to help them adjust to the real world. 

By assessing the students, teachers can find out if the ways they are teaching about technology and about how to use it, could help them enhance their quality of teaching. It is all about finding out what the students prefer using in the classroom and what their different learning styles are in order to help them succeed. If students are taking advantage of and misusing these technologies, then they should not be encouraged to use them.  Teachers need to watch their students on the technologies to make sure they aren’t taking advantage since often teachers may not be monitoring and students can be taking advantage of the teacher and the technology. Technology should be used with discretion and teachers should be aware of what sites students are on.

With the gradual rollout of technology, teachers are turning these tools to enhance teaching and learning. In fact, many classrooms are turning to a blended learning model. The technology-based activities help to differentiate instruction and motivate students. Students have access to content at any time and are more easily able to communicate with their teachers. It is important for teachers to start small by beginning with manageable deliverables, making adjustments to one unit, or modify assessments and add gradually over time. This allows teachers to become more comfortable with teaching using the blended model.

Teachers need to look at their students and come up with a way to teach them correctly. You never know if something is going to work until it is tested out. Some may feel that using videos will help some students learn better. Some students may not learn better that way. It all depends on the students and that is what the teacher needs to watch out for. While if the teachers feel that they learn better with the use of it, then they should find a way to implement it in their classroom. We all know that some students are better visual learners and some are better hands-on learners. So there needs to be a balance. Not all students are going to understand the subject better just because a teacher plays a video, and teachers need to use technology based on what they see fit for their students. Just jumping to the conclusion that every classroom needs technology for every student is not accurate, therefore it should be up to the teacher to decide what is best for his or her class.

Quality education should be available to every child no matter what language they speak or where they live. All students should receive the same effective education. Thus this blended technology is a great idea. It will enhance the future of learning for students. It combines traditional learning experiences with new technologies that will “democratize learning.”  Being able to integrate technology into the classroom is a great concept that will improve the future. Incorporating technology to meet the needs of students today will support teaching. We have to help students learn how to learn. If we don’t teach our students how to understand the process of learning, they won’t know how to listen to their teacher and how to be responsive.

With coronavirus cooping people up in their homes and disrupting businesses across every industry including the educational sector, schools, colleges and universities are making use of technology to take lessons and conduct exams. Technology is extremely important in the education sector especially looking at the way our world is turning out now during these locked down days.