7th April 2020 – By Eileen

The majority of the kids in this era are becoming more addicted to computers and video-games which can harm both physical and mental health very badly. After many years in this lifestyle, children are more probable to have depression, anxiety, intense fatigue, panic syndrome, lack of memory, lack of concentration, boring and hard headaches, weakness, etc.  It is high time that parents should take initiative to plan and regulate screen time for kids and teens in order to guide them to the right way of living. Just like you wouldn’t give kids unlimited access to a library which include a lot of mature content like horror novels, adult contents, violence  etc, try to give limited devices that have a notepad, calendar, basic phone, family only communication, programming, science and education tools and a few pre-approved games.

The present advanced culture encourages everyone to use technology so parents spend money on expensive devices and screens. It’s a painful truth to realize that, this way what we parents do to our children can hurt them. Parents like these have all the resources and smarts to understand what they’re doing isn’t helping their kid. Also, be aware that it would be foolish to hand over your kid a fully unlocked internet-capable device. As positive parents, demonstrate a sense of responsibility. It is highly recommended to stop buying your children devices and rather make them buy one, when they get a job and can afford it.

What would happen if parents put no restrictions on their children’s screen time?

If you would wonder whether the technology is beneficial for us humans, well yes it is. But, it’s really important that both parents and children must be educated regarding the harmful effects of exposing very long screen time to avoid the problems in the future. We human beings are more complicated creatures that when we get addicted to the latest inventions and devices, it’s basically hitting that cocaine button for more. Kids are not the only ones becoming addicted, adults are too. The only benefit of screen time is, it makes us numb to a world driven on screens, instant gratification, and low empathy. Do we really want to raise another generation that perpetuates this insanity?

These days parents don’t seem to know what to do and are not ready to just take away iPads, laptops, smartphones and other similar devices,  when it is time for food and not bothered to stop kids from playing on the computers when it is their bedtime. Parents should be able to enforce certain rules to control kids from getting addicted to screens in order to carry on with routine activities.

Apart from that, parents need to find more quality time to interact with kids. This can bring changes in them dramatically, for the better and make the home atmosphere happier and more fun. Encourage your children to go outside, read books, go in the pool, and do any such activities. In this way kids and teens can turn more creative, spending more time with friends in real life and getting more exercise. They will get along so much better with life rather than limiting their precious time on screens.