2nd April 2020 , by Eileen

To see own children reach his or her full potential is the dream of every parent. This dream may seem difficult since children have various potentials in different intensities. With the right tools and approach, it can be made possible to unlock the potentials of your child to the maximum. Children love to be complimented  it can serve to be the right boost that can help them to have the opportunity to reach their full potential to shape their own bright future. Parents mainly praise their children for their innate abilities and second for their efforts. Kids need to hear words of positive affirmation, especially from mothers to boost their self-esteem and connection with parents. Some of the most important complements are listed below.

“You are talented”

“ I like the way you treat your friends”

“You make me so proud ”

“You are helpful”

“I love that you never give up”

“You are creative”

“You did a great job, doing that yourself”

“You are a great son/ daughter”

“I appreciate your helping mentality ”

“You have great ideas”

A great time to take our kids aside and offer a sincere compliment is when our children demonstrate honesty, kindness, trustworthiness, and reliability.  The only time most of the parents notice their kids is when they do wrong without considering the fact that it is ok for children to make mistakes. When parents start behaving understanding this fact accepting the kids in totality, they can deal with the young minds gently making them understand that they are valued simply because they are.


Compliment their personality

Let your child know you like them and love their personality whether it’s their confidence, their sense of humour, or their strength, whatever about them is so much different than the mainstream.

Compliment them physically

When you tell a little girl that she’s pretty or a little boy that he’s handsome and you can see their faces typically light up immediately. This can boost their confidence and self-esteem but avoid flooding them with too many compliments so that your children will not feel that their self-worth is centered on how they look.

Compliment their kindness and attitude

When a child performs spontaneous positive acts without expecting anything in return, complimenting them in the right way can encourage them to do more and more kind acts to other kids and family members.

Compliment their honesty

Sincerely complimenting your child for his or her honesty can stop their tendency to tell lies and to be real with themself and others and to understand its importance to live the most authentic life.

Compliment their manners

When your child starts behaving with good manners, it puts them in a better position for success later in life. When your child says ‘EXCUSE ME, THANK YOU and SORRY’ whenever they need to get your attention or to express gratitude or to apologize, acknowledge them the right way so that they grow up as, well-groomed individuals for a developed society.

Every child has a basic need for recognition and being appreciated especially by their family members particularly from parents. It encourages them, motivates them to be better kids.