25 March 2020 – by Eileen

The majority of the parents are working from home juggling conference calls, parenting quarantined kids. They do not know how to support their kids as they grapple with no school, no activities, no in-real-life friendships, and no end in sight.

During the days of normal schooling, parents and teachers could give kids tools from schools, that will set them up for life. These skills include the awareness all children need to pick good friends, to take risks wisely, skills to self-advocate and self-regulate and to embrace people’s differences and consider others’ perspectives, and to maintain creativity and confidence and good homework habits.

Children are cooped up at home, away from their friends, and trapped with the parents from whom they are so desperately trying to break free, as coronavirus has led to school closures around the world.

To be a matured kid in the time of coronavirus will require a complete understanding of facts about the consequences caused globally because of the outbreak. Parents can help them get outside within the house compound or at least get them some exercise and can encourage them to eat well and sleep well.

But these days, what is being observed is that, like adults most of the kids are feeling stressed, and they are seen online more than usual during this period since they are limited within each house space due to the lockdown which is happening globally. 

Parents need to observe their kid’s activities online since children are spending time on devices more than expected, and oddly, probably more than they want. It is very important to discourage them from passively scrolling through other people’s feeds–as much as possible. Spending more than usual time online can drastically spoil the kid’s eyes as well.

When children are active more online in social media, they tend to post and share various content among their peer groups. Parents need to spot-check their kid’s posts whenever possible without making them feel that you are invading their privacy and make sure the contents they post are appropriate and considerate. Parents need to keep an eye on their kid’s online posts and make sure if the contents have the potential to hurt someone else, whether it would hurt the parent’s reputation. Also, ask them how do they think the particular post or comment made others feel, and what would they could do differently next time and what can they do next to try to make things better?

As parents, even though you are busy working from home during this lockdown period, it is recommended to dedicate some quality time with your kids, engaging them with some indoor games and other learning activities. This can help to enhance your relationship with your kids and improve family bonding to a great level.  Also, this could help to reduce the amount of time wasted by kids by unnecessarily spending online.