3rd April 2020, by Eileen

The majority of us are victims of bad parenting and we are repeating the history on our offsprings, which is not at all good for the positive upbringing of our children. But some parents make a difference in having their own unique way of bringing up their kids with enough discipline and manners. During the process of teaching your kids how to grow up as positive, goal-oriented and well-mannered individuals, it is very much important that parents are not becoming strict dictators. Some parents respect their child’s identity and individuality, giving a choice , teaching how to make decisions on their own.

Talk to your kids. Communication is probably the most important thing in upbringing. Play with them. Though simply playing creative games with your kids won’t necessarily make them great artists or musicians in the future but there is always a chance. Find time to take them to parks, to grandparents, to the theatres and spent holidays with them effectively making each moment beautiful memories. Capture snaps of amazing moments with them that you don’t want to forget.

Another important aspect parents need to stop is, loading kids with high expectations and micromanaging their lives at every turn. This kind of attitude from parents can have a serious impact on a kid’s future. Over expectation of parents can cause stress and anxiety in children. Make sure your child understands that life isn’t about high grades and a big bank account and tries to help them to grow up kind and compassionate, happy and making others happy.

The initial years of a child are magical. That is the period parents need to deliberately find time to spend with kids in order to build a strong foundation for the relationship with them. Though every family has its own ways of upbringing children, the majority of them are busy parents carrying workload even to home, and hardly have quality time to understand own kids in a better way. Another distraction of parents to be mindful with children is the extreme use of the internet and social media. In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes, parents need to organize time and activities effectively so that they need not regret later.