29 October 2020, By Amrutha

School buses are the most convenient way of transportation for 95 percent of students across the world. Public transportation is often found it difficult for students to reach the school in time without the rush. Besides public transport methods are even unsafe for children with their heavy loaded bags, thus traveling becomes more cumbersome to students all the time. School buses are always a better option to avoid these situations and also to have an easy-peasy commute to schools.

Safety features for school buses :

  • The Bright Yellow Color

School buses must be in a bright yellow color which helps in more visibility. During extreme weather conditions, the bright yellow color will be distinguished easily.

  • Stop Sign Signal

School buses are always equipped with a stop signal. It signals the traffic around the school bus comes to a halt because children are either entering to the bus or exiting them.

  • Larger and Heavier

School buses are usually larger and heavier than other vehicles which helps the children to be less affected by accidents in an unforeseen situation.

  • Anti-skid flooring

It is furnished in the buses to avoid slipping of children during wet weather conditions.

  • Emergency Doors

Just in case of an emergency, these emergency doors will provide you with a sudden exit way.

  • Strap Handles

These are furnished along with the rail overhead for extra grip for students while moving inside the school bus.

  • First-Aid Kits 

First-aid kits are mandatory and it is provided in the school buses to take care of emergency situations. It helps to handle if any accidents have occurred.

  • Individual Seat Belts

Individual seat belts are equipped to keep the children safe.

  • GPS in School Buses

Real-time tracking enables drivers to stay on the right routes. The parents and school authorities can easily know about the whereabouts of the vehicle in real-time.

  • CCTV’s in the School Bus

Cameras inside the school bus will help both parents and school authorities to track and keep an eye on their children during their commute to school.

School buses are always the safest ways to commute to school. Also, modern schools are equipped with innovative solutions for school transport management which helps the parents and school management with real-time information of students.