06 November 2020, By Amrutha

School buses are the most convenient and safest way of traveling for children. It will be around thirty million students who utilize school buses for their daily commute to school. Undeniably, safety is the prime factor of parents choosing school buses for student commutes. By sharing a few important safety tips with students and parents will help them to avoid accidents during the commute. 

Few of the inevitable safety tips for children are:

  • Children should stand at least ten feet away from the edge of the road to avoid accidents.
  • Children should enter the bus properly after the school bus comes to a complete stop. This is done to avoid the rush while children exit or enter into the school bus.
  • Make sure that no objects from your bag are hanging outside which may be caught on the handrails while students are moving on the bus.
  • Don’t take any objects under the bus, before doing so warn the driver that you are behind.
  • While crossing the road wait for your driver’s signal.
  • Cross the road carefully, always keep a keen watch on your left and right side.
  • Keep your arms, head, and hand inside the window while you are sitting on the bus.
  • Always let the smaller children get on the bus first.
  • Wait on the sidewalk for the school bus rather than waiting on the road.
  • Always try to cross the road in front of a bus rather than crossing behind the bus.

School buses are always the safest ways to commute to school. Also, modern schools are equipped with innovative solutions for school transport management which helps the parents and school management with real-time information of students.