Parents have a lot of expectations from schools when it comes to ensuring the overall well-being of their students. The way a school conducts its school bus operations says a lot about the standards of student safety that they uphold. These days, parents look for schools that don’t compromise on maintaining higher safety standards. Thus, school bus tracking systems are something that, parents demand a lot from schools now. And there are valid reasons for it. Read on and discover why parents are making this, one of the deciding factors when choosing a school for their children.

1. Live tracking of school buses

This is one of the basic functions that a school bus tracking application promises. It allows the parents to keep tabs on their child’s whereabouts, thus giving them assurance of their child’s safety. Another feature that comes along with this is geofencing, wherein parents will be notified whenever the driver tries to deviate from the pre-determined route. Hence, these applications act like a safety net around the students that ensures a safe and comfortable school commute.

2. Prompt Notifications when their children are picked up and dropped off

This is easily the best part about these tracking apps as far as parents are concerned. For them, it gives a sense of assurance and security knowing that their wards have safely reached school or home. It is especially useful for remote or traveling parents who might want to keep updated about their child’s whereabouts. These notifications are usually sent as push notifications through a dedicated parent app.

3. Proximity Notifications when the bus nears the stop

Skipping breakfast has become very common among children, and one of the major reasons for that is the morning rush that ensues in every family. A part of this problem is school bus timings, which are often inconsistent due to various factors like weather conditions or traffic. Now, according to a study conducted by the University of Leeds, children who skip breakfast score much lower grades than children who eat breakfast regularly. This is a very concerning issue that needs to be addressed. With school bus tracking apps, this problem can be single-handedly solved with proximity notifications for when the school bus is nearing their assigned stop. It will also drastically reduce the waiting period for parents who come to drop off their kids.

4. Notifications when there’s a stay-back

Stay-backs are a common part of school life. They are often decided in an impromptu manner, which leads to parents being left in the dark about it. Even if they are called and told about it, sometimes it’s not prompt enough and leads to parents getting anxious and troubled. The fact that the teachers manually inform each and every parent makes it more time-consuming. A complete tracking application can avert situations like this by sending timely messages with the details of the stay-back and the subsequent bus delay.

5. An efficient communication channel

These apps work as a tool that allows easy and smooth communication between schools, teachers, drivers, and parents. It assists the schools in providing the necessary information to the parents in a systematic and punctual way. Through them, teachers are also able to communicate any important messages regarding test dates, extra classes, etc., directly to the parents. Further, with components like the driver’s app and the parent’s app, the drivers are able to have more direct and instant communication with the parents. This helps the parents to remain at ease in the case of situations like bus delays or breakdowns.

As you can see, it’s only reasonable that schools transition to an intelligent system for tracking their school bus fleet. It’ll help them to remain a step higher and stand out among the crowd. Also, schools should always remember that they have a responsibility toward their students and parents. They are obliged to provide secure transportation for their students without any hiccups. Keeping all this in mind, schools should up their game when it comes to investing in making their school transport system safer and more secure.