4 May 2021, By Ronald

The daily routine of getting ready for school in the morning was always something we despised. From the alarm waking us up, till the second we reach school. It was always a hurry-Burry.

Today, it’s safe to say that rush hours seem like a thing of the past.

Ever since the pandemic started, schools were shut down with no hope of reopening anytime soon. The whole world was at a standstill, but thanks to technological advancements, working and studying from home became the new normal.

Even though the kids today are known to be internet savvy and would spend a significant amount of their time online, it’s a whole different thing when it comes to attending classes online. 

E-learning, otherwise known as online learning, came with its challenges. The students who were accustomed to having their teachers and peers physically present during their classes suddenly had to engage in a conversation while a virtual wall dividing them. The intimacy that can be obtained through real-life interactions can’t be compensated by a screen.

Loss of motivation, isolation, and the sense of self-discipline needed to study online are some of the major struggles that children face with online classes. A school classroom provides a structure and an environment for effective learning which can’t be recreated at home. Thus, students struggle to finish their assignments, leading to a lack of motivation and lower goals for themselves.

In addition to that, a classroom and interaction with peers are crucial in their school years. It provides students with a neutral environment for social interactions that aids in developing skills like setting boundaries, learning cooperation, and empathy. These skills are extremely important for building social relationships as a child.

Apart from waking up early for school and undergoing hefty commutes, online classes fail to impart the same experience as offline classes. But going back to our old lifestyle meant we would be sitting ducks for the virus. Unless we take the necessary precautions.  

School transportation is a sector that is going to need an extra set of hands to ensure overall safety. Using technology’s extra set of hands and other safety measures we can ensure a safe transit is executed.

  • Installing a fleet management solution, like Loqqat, makes way for a systematic arrangement of seats in such a way that proper social distancing is maintained. 
  • Thorough sanitization and cleaning should be done before starting every trip. 
  • Mandatory masks should be worn by every student and teacher alike.
  • Using technology-enabled air filters to purify the air inside the school bus.

Like a baby taking its first steps, we too are slowly fighting back this virus. 

Sooner or later we will get rid of the virus by staying together yet apart, and it’s only about time we will return to our old normal.

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