By Eileen Vattappilly- February 17, 2020

Just as much as it is crucial to provide a protective environment inside the school, it is equally essential to ensure the safety of kids during their commute – to school and back. Undoubtedly the school bus is the most convenient means of student transit to school. But it is very sad that the number of school bus safety issues confronted by students traveling by school vehicles is increasing each year.

The government has put forward strict regulations on schools for ensuring complete safety for the students during their travel. An external colour of golden yellow is mandated for all school buses in India. Also, it is compulsory to have 2 emergency exits, one on the rear half of the bus on the right-hand side and another one on the rear side of the bus.

parents goodbye to daughter in school bus vector illustration design

Rules and Regulation All School Buses Must Follow

  • An attendant from the school is compulsory in the bus.
  • A ‘First-Aid-Box’ is compulsory inside every bus.
  • There must be a fire extinguisher inside the bus.
  • On the back and front of the bus, ‘SCHOOL BUS’ must be written.
  • ‘On School Duty’ should be clearly indicated by every hired bus.
  • Horizontal grills must be fitted on bus windows.
  • The name of the school with its contact number must be written on every bus.
  • It is mandatory that the doors of the bus should be fitted with reliable locks.

 Deploying Seat Belt, CCTV Camera, GPS and Panic Buttons

CCTV camera inside the school bus

Many schools have initiated to put up CCTV cameras, panic button, seat belts and GPS in order for close surveillance of their moving buses as part of students’ safety measures. Last year, the Madras High Court has already directed the Tamil Nadu government to make sure all school buses get CCTV cameras and GPS to ensure students’ safety.

Seat belts inside school bus for more safety

Now the High courts of Punjab and Haryana have already ordered to make seat belts compulsory in all the school buses. But according to the school bus operators, this idea is not feasible since they are expecting that it is going to punch a hole in parent’s pockets. They have also expressed concerns about the difficulties in implementing it. Since parents send their kids to school and trust the authorities to take the best care of them, school administrators should identify appropriate technology innovations for that.

In 2020, it’s high time to remind ourselves of the importance of school bus safety and think about what measures could be incorporated for using modern technology which is advancing day by day.

School Bus Tracking Solution

There are a number of school bus tracking apps for ensuring more security for our children during their school transit which also adds great benefits for parents and school transport operators to make sure that children are reaching schools on time safely.

Using the tracking software, the movement of the buses can be closely monitored in a control room set up within school premises. This also helps the buses to communicate with the satellite and thereby get updated in the software and then it enables parents to track the bus in real-time.