By Eileen Vattappilly – February 18, 2020

School Bus With GPS

Are you looking for a smart way to leg up on a new school year? There are brilliant school bus tracking apps available now, which all parents should download right now.

Importance Of Enabling GPS In School Buses

  • Lets you view real-time location of your child’s bus.
  • Be notified when the school bus is within five minutes of your stop, has a schedule change and more.

How Can You Tell Where The Bus Is?

School bus tracking solutions basically put a piece of GPS hardware into the bus, which speaks to a satellite that gets absorbed by the tracking software.

Schools or transport operators can use that software on a desktop or on a laptop, which can help them to easily see all the buses in real-time. The software can be downloaded into an app form by parents and then see exactly where their child’s bus is before it arrives. Parents must register with their private number with the school’s web interface, and then get access to their child’s bus only.

Should Parents Suggest These Apps To Schools?

Yes. These software are sold to schools. If they deploy these software, then the parents get access to the information about the school bus transit. So it is highly recommended that the parents check with the school administration regarding this facility and if they don’t have, advocate for it, because these software can help parents to stay with peace of mind without worrying about their kid’s journey to and from the school.

Are There Any Fees Involved For The Parents?

  •  Some are provided 100% free of cost.
  • Some do charge a minimal amount on a subscription basis.

These school bus tracking software have come as a great help for both students and school bus transport administrators for ensuring more safety and security for students’ commute and also for parents to stay stress-free.

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