18 May 2021

The first thing that pops into our heads when we hear school transportation is a school bus. The iconic yellow color, the turtle-like shape, and the red and yellow blinking stop-arm sign, all these paint a beautiful picture of a school bus.

Everyone knows school buses are the optimal way to commute to school, but what if it could be taken up a notch with the help of technology?

Both the parents and the school administration have a hard time keeping track of the students, especially since there is no way to determine whether the child has boarded the bus.

Until technical solutions emerged, there was no systematic method for disciplined management of school transportation. The role of technology in school transportation comes in all shapes and sizes. 

  • The introduction of NFC cards made sure that no child is ever left behind. A card that acts as an attendance register in school buses. When scanned, notifications are sent out to parents, ensuring that their child has safely boarded the bus. Loqqat is one of the solutions that execute this task flawlessly, by sending out precise and on-time push notifications to the parents while their child boards the school bus.
  • The real-time location feature in these solutions provides the parents an accurate and live location of their child during the commute. But only a few solutions produce high accuracy of visibility during a live commute, and Loqqat is one such application capable of such a feat by comprising a refresh rate of 3 seconds.
  • Route planning and roster preparation ensure the efficient functioning of a school transport management system. Through route planning, the transport team can automate the fleets in specific routes, and with roster preparation, drivers can pick up every student from the roster list without further confusion.
  • And last but not least, conducting a mechanical assessment via technology. Executing a comprehensive check-up of the school bus with a single push of a button. Technology that predicts machinery malfunctions beforehand and suggests the countermeasures accordingly.

The influence of technology in school transportation is undeniably a game-changer in modern school commutation. The question is, are ready to make a difference in your school transportation system?