07 August 2020, By Amrutha

Digitization has transformed different verticals of industries nonetheless,  fleet solution is no exception. Technology has greatly helped to easily organize and manage the tedious process of transport management. People that are handling the telematics business are upgrading to fleet management software to efficiently satisfy their growing business needs.

An eminent fleet management system ensures real-time tracking with best-in-business user interface and also assures the safety of the transport team and fleet drivers. The superior fleet solutions will provide a communication channel between the drivers and users along with a comprehensive web interface.

Highly advanced fleet management can offer more than that, such as geo-fencing to emergency management, smart card systems to automated notifications, optimal routes to auto-generate trips, live monitoring to message broadcasting, robust mobile application to the comprehensive web interface.

If you are the one who is concerned about the perfect and world-class fleet management solution for your organization. Here, is our tips and tricks to add on in your fleet:

1. Real-time GPS Tracking

Enhance your transport management team to the next level by equipping with real-time data of organization during their commute using professional interface Google API. To provide the feature that accurately tracks the progress of the vehicle as well as passengers while commuting. It should also include features such as intelligent route management, automated trip generations, efficient ad-hoc trip management, live monitoring, etc.

2. Secure platform

It is imperative to have a secure platform along with a feature-rich solution. It should offer the data security of passengers and the people who are using the interface. A secure mobile application that can store and access the vehicle information and also the corresponding user information.

3. Emergency management 

This is an inevitable feature of the fleet solution. A fleet management system should handle emergency situations instantly. The situation should be detected prior to it happening. Detecting and preventing earlier is the best method to follow to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

4. One handy tool

All the features for the transport team as well as users, organizations offered within a single application. It will help users and the transport team toggle effortlessly.

5. Communication channel

A proactive communication channel between the transport team, users, and the organization.A system that offers message broadcasting and automated notifications. It will save time for the fleet owners and let the users know about the updated locations, deviations in the route, and much more.

6. Automated alerts

Instant notifications and alerts to users. Fleet management system that allows users to access to the previous and current bus routes through the user interface. Prior information about bus delays, pick-up, and drop-off information, unscheduled bus stops.

Recapitulating it!

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