By Eileen Vattappilly – February 18, 2020

Robust and advanced technologies are being introduced gradually in buses transporting school children, a move that will allow parents to communicate more easily with the school bus drivers, who will also know for sure that all the students have boarded the bus before moving off.

These smart school bus fleet management systems, which is being developed using various efficient software solutions, help schools, and transport facilitators to manage painstaking tasks of transport management in a better-organized manner and can definitely have their efforts halved and results improved.

Benefits Of School Bus Tracking Solutions

  1. Systematic Route Planning

Organizing students’ information and planning the routes is really time-consuming and tedious. For most of the schools and transport facilitators, planning school bus routes manually seems to be a nightmare.  These software solutions can assist the school transport desk in assigning buses and planning bus routes efficiently. Also, it drastically drops the chances of making errors while allotting two or more routes for the same bus, or vice versa. At the same time, by having full control over the fleet management process, these school bus tracking solutions make the job much easier for transport managers.

2. Ensure Students Safety During Transit

One of the most important aspects of the efficient school fleet is the safety and security of students during their commute. School bus tracking solutions provides real-time visibility of school buses so that parents can stay away from anxiety, thinking whether their kids have boarded the right bus and regarding safety and security through their journey to school and back.

The SOS feature of these tracking solutions provides instant notifications at times of emergency so that quick action could be taken.

3. Keep Parents Notified

These solutions are making sure parents know where their children are at all times through their smartphones. They can track school buses in real-time and receive notifications a few minutes before the arrival of the bus. When their children arrive at their destination or dropped at school, parents are instantly notified again.

4. Compatible and User- Friendly Interface

These tracking software solutions are not overly complex but well-organized, making it easy to locate different buses at different locations. They are also able to run on different transport operating systems adopted by each school with all the functionality and features working the same on each system.

Keeping bus safety as a high priority, these solutions serve as an all-in-one application to cover the needs of parents, drivers, school transport desk and transport managers and also helps them in the smooth functioning of the bus fleet.