20 March 2020 – by Eileen

School bus drivers are given the important responsibility of protecting students during their school commute. They are highly trained, tested and scrutinized drivers on the road, ensuring students are picked up and arrive at school on time, and return home safely. But seldom are the school bus drivers given credit for the work that they do since it is believed that parents, teachers, and friends are the people who play the prime role in children’s school lives.


There is a high chance for children to misbehave on the bus without the supervision of a bus attendant or a teacher inside the bus. So in order to make the driver self-sufficient to manage the students on board the bus, it is very much important that the school bus drivers should be given proper training to handle students of different age groups. Since every student belonging to a different age group has different needs, a driver must be capable of realizing this and must act accordingly. Apart from that, the drivers of the school bus must also be given special training to take care of students with special needs, if the situation arises.


We know that safe transportation for children to and from school is essential in today’s world. But it’s easy to forget how something as simple as a school bus impacts the lives of students, parents, teachers and transport facilitators.

A monthly psychological evaluation, regular health examinations and an annual driving test must be given to all the school bus drivers by school authorities or transport facilitators, to ensure he or she is of a sound mind and is stress-free. In the case of an emergency or in case of hazardous situations like accidents, fire and so on, the driver should be capable enough of handling the circumstance perfectly since his or her quick responses can turn out to be a lifesaver.

How GPS systems help school bus drivers?

Drivers stand as the link between school authorities and the students outside of the school campus via the GPS tracker apps. Apart from that, a school bus driver helps to record and inform students’ behavior on the bus to the school administration. This way, the school’s reputation is kept intact as the school can take disciplinary actions if in case a student misbehaves during transit to school via school bus. And with the help of an advanced GPS school bus tracking system, the driver can do this in real-time very easily.

GPS units when attached to school buses, fleet management becomes easier. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) once seemed a futuristic technology, but now they’re available in most of the school buses which is helping both drivers and school transport teams to a great extent. With data provided by GPS, school bus drivers can view the routes and update the planned route in case of heavy traffic or any other delays. For the drivers, the most comfortable route is granted by the GPS tracking system. A typical GPS system is similar to that of a mobile phone and the functioning of the whole system is easy to learn, which makes it possible for all the drivers to learn its functionality without much difficulty.

Drivers with careful and skilled driving remain the best preventative measure for keeping school kids safe during their commute and with the implementation of GPS systems on school buses, our kids’ safety during school transit is doubled.