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Since the dawn of computers, technology has been making significant strides in making our lives better and our daily tasks easier. In recent years, there have been a lot of school-specific technologies being rolled out in the market. They have revolutionized the management and operations of schools, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these tasks. A crucial aspect of these new pieces of tech has been to establish a safer and more quality learning environment for students. In today’s blog post, let’s take a deeper dive into some of the most useful tech-related best practices that schools should adopt.

Video and Audio Surveillance on Buses


School buses fitted with video and audio surveillance systems can ensure the complete safety of students during their school commute. By recording the daily happenings inside the school buses, these surveillance systems can paint a clear picture in the event of an untoward incident. Further, they are also highly beneficial in preventing vandalism and theft, monitoring driver behavior, and improving discipline.

AI Dash Cams

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AI Dash cams can be mounted onto the dashboards of school buses to record driver behavior during the trips. These cameras are insanely sophisticated and use AI technology to detect reckless driving, such as speeding, sudden braking, tailgating, etc. They can even be integrated with the audio system to alert drivers with audio messages when they are driving irresponsibly and are distracted. AI dash cams can provide you with next-level safety measures to radically reduce road accidents and make your school buses safer.

Fuel Cost Management Software


Fuel cost management software comes in handy to track and manage the fuel usage and cost of a school bus fleet. Integrating such software to supervise the operations of your school buses can help in monitoring fuel consumption, reducing idling, preventing fuel theft, addressing inefficient routes, and detecting driving behavior that can lead to more fuel expenditure. By using fuel cost management software, schools can lower the operational costs of their buses and can also minimize their carbon footprint.

School bus tracking and Geofencing


School bus tracking apps can monitor the entire fleet of school buses and give live tracking updates. These applications can aid schools in optimizing bus routes, improving arrival and departure times, and increasing the visibility of the trips. Coupled with a geofencing feature, these GPS-enabled tracking apps can be used to create a virtual boundary within an area to check for route deviations. This ultimately enhances the safety of students and gives the schools the power to keep a check on the routes followed by their school buses.

Canteen Management Software


A good canteen management software can streamline the operations of a school canteen. These include tasks like menu management, optimizing meal distribution, and processing payments. They also provide the canteen team with various analytical tools and reports to track and monitor metrics like meal distribution data, canteen attendance, meal consumption patterns, etc. This provides the schools with ample options to better manage their canteen and take data-driven decisions.

Library Management Software


Library management is a tedious task that takes a lot of time and effort. It can easily be automated to some extent by having library management software. It can help with accomplishing tasks like issuing books, cataloging, inventory management, and tracking delayed returns and dues. You can also digitize your library and provide students with digital resources like eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, etc., thereby giving them access to a wide range of learning opportunities.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)


LMS are software applications that teachers can use to create, manage, and distribute online courses. They will also have built-in tools to track the progress and academic performance of students. LMS platforms can even act as a personalized learning solution for students, as many of them provide options for teachers to develop customized learning paths based on student’s individual needs. It has become a crucial part of the online pedagogy of schools to have a learning management system to efficiently deliver learning resources remotely.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

future technology

Implementing virtual and augmented reality technologies in schools can have a strong impact on the learning outcomes of students, especially small kids. VR and AR tools can complement traditional learning tools like models and charts to provide students with the opportunity to engage in an immersive and interactive learning experience. It will widen their understanding of several topics and concepts and allow them to learn subjects like science, geography, and history in a fun and interesting way. Incorporating these tools will be an excellent opportunity for schools to elevate and enhance their mode of teaching.

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