School commutes are one of the most common activities that children go through on a daily basis. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we provide extensive security measures for the students during this part of the day. One thing that schools can do to ensure this is to employ a school bus application that can increase the visibility of the school transport system for both the transport team and the parents.

Using Loqqat, Marthoma Public School, Kochi has ensured a safe school commute by live-tracking its school buses and students

A state-of-the-art software solution that transforms school bus management 

Marthoma Public School is among the most prestigious schools in Kerala with a proven track record of educational expertise. It is run by the Marthoma Trust, which has multiple schools across Kerala offering quality education, ensuring the overall development of a student. With students from Kindergarten to the 12th grade, they are one of the prominent schools in Ernakulam with a large student community. The school is known for its innovative model of teaching, focusing on the holistic development of a child in line with the requirements of the present world. 

Despite these accomplishments, they were facing a grim situation when it came to their school transportation. They had an impressive fleet of school buses but didn’t have a system to provide parents with tracking information for these buses. This meant that they were not able to track the school commute of their children, and it was a major cause of concern for many parents. It was a huge problem as this was an issue of security for the parents. The problem was further compounded by the fact that there was also no provision to send notifications to parents when their children were picked up and dropped off.

Finally, the school administration came to the conclusion that for the complete security of their students, they needed a robust application to track school buses and send pickup and drop-off notifications. They were on the lookout for a school bus application that could aid them in this endeavour. 


At this stage, we proposed to them Loqqat, which is a cutting-edge application equipped with features that upgrade and elevate the school transport system to make it more streamlined and efficient. This platform has been designed and developed in such a way that it has three components: the Admin Dashboard, Parent App, and Driver App. Understanding the concerns of parents, the Parent App has specifically been made to cater to their needs and address their problems. This app comes with a built-in live tracking feature that allows parents to track the school buses throughout their child’s school commute. Through this app, parents also receive instant notifications whenever their child is picked up or dropped off. The application is available for both Android and iOS users. 

Overall, we can guarantee that our software solution makes students’ school commutes safer and more secure. Moreover, apart from schools, private transport companies can also integrate Loqqat into their school bus system.  


A sense of relief and comfort filled the hearts of parents after the school began using Loqqat. The Parent App has become a great tool for parents to supervise the daily commute of their children. Live-tracking of school buses and prompt notifications for pickup and drop-off addressed the major concerns of parents, and now they are highly satisfied with the sense of security that the school’s transport team was offering. Thus, Loqqat was hugely successful in fixing the shortcomings of the school’s transportation and improved the existing school bus system by leaps and bounds.

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