Tips for Fleet Driver Safety during COVID-19
31 Jul 2020

Tips for Fleet Driver Safety during COVID-19

Fleet owners have to scrutinize significant preventative measures needed to ensure the health and safety of students, drivers, and everyone that is in contact with the vehicles that are used for student commute. The present bubonic pandemic is striking every facet of fleet operations. It has also emphasized the crucial significance of keeping drivers as well as students safe and healthy while they’re on the job—no matter the turn of events.

As the student fleet continues to provide essential commute service to schools, organizations and fleet managers play a vital role in communicating practical health and safety information to drivers and technicians while maintaining a safe working environment. Whether you’re a school fleet driver, a  technician, or any other type of driver that communicates with other people, there are steps you can take to minimize the probable manifestation to COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • Before you leave your home or back home, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly at the sink for 20 seconds with soap and water.  
  • Circumvent shaking other’s hands during a commute, always stay at a CDC-recommended six feet away from people to the best of your ability.  
  • Wear gloves when powering up your vehicle as fuel pumps and correlated handles/keypads are regularly touched surfaces that are not sanitized.
  • Sanitize routinely touched surfaces within your vehicle on a systematic basis to avoid further contamination, especially if the vehicle is shared/used by others.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize door handles, knob, switches, lever, mirrors and windows, and high-touch surfaces like trailer doors and tools.
  • Fleet owners and fleet managers can establish social distancing measures and protocols when and where possible.
  • Enforce face masks and hand washing regimens.
  • Maintain a small trash bag to dispose of soiled gloves,  towels, and wipes.
  • Schedule safe routes prior to travel, keep in mind that rerouting could be in place due to lock downs or closures.
  • Avoid working in busy/confined areas. Communicate to your manager immediately if you have any concerns that could impact on your ability to safely do your job.

Anxiety and worry can remarkably affect travel on wheels and, while this is a challenging time for us all, it’s imperative not to let external factors negatively influence your attitude and behavior behind the wheel. As always, getting back home safely to your loved ones should remain the priority. Once home safely, remember to thoroughly wash your hands again as a safety precaution. Always conscious of that other on the road may be more distracted than usual at this time.

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