Four ways to make your student transport better in the coming decade
20 Jul 2020

Four ways to make your student transport better in the coming decade

The preceding decade has witnessed enormous shifts in how school authorities handle their school buses, as well as student safety. The perfect time to look ahead for the innovative school bus management and student safety.

Our tips for better school  transport management system in 2020 and upcoming decades:

  • Leveraging Technology

Utilize the real-time GPS school bus tracking system that provides the current location of the children to parents as well as authorities. Empower the schools with robust and optimized applications to accurately track the progress of the school bus. The ultra-modern solutions that take the school transport management to the next level with higher efficiency and precision.

  • Seat-belts Upgrade

More than a few decades, there have been arguments on whether seat belts in school buses were a good idea. Now, it seems like they aren’t fading away due to the increased need for more safety, it may be the best idea to upgrade the seat-belts now, rather than later. 

  • Smart-screens for Drivers

Another important growing trend is putting smart devices next to the driver for efficient driving. Different forms of commercial transportation, such as trucking, have been integrating smart devices into their driving systems, to great effect. With a large touchscreen nearby, the driver can effectively see maps, communicate with the transport team, or even monitor students via in-bus camera systems. With smart devices becoming cheap and affordable, this is an upgrade most schools could afford to investigate.

  • Utilize cloud-based tools

Use cloud-based student behavior tools to analyze and keep track of student behaviors while commuting to schools. Also, the schools can utilize cloud systems to accurately record their attendance using smart cards.

Hence, a new decade stretches ahead of us. How is your planning on improving student bus transportation services in the year to come?

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